We are experts in delivering mission critical software in complex operational environments. We work closely with our customers to design and create mission critical software that meets their specific challenges and requirements – making them more effective, dynamic and resilient.

How we help our customers:

  • Driving effectiveness - Designing and delivering software that is integral to the success of the business.

  • Powering dynamism - Accessing and applying the right insight with the most relevant innovation to operational requirements.

  • Ensuring resilience – Delivering operations that are inherently secure-by-design and compliant, while retaining flexibility.

In bringing these elements together, we develop software that helps our customers solve their challenges while rapidly improving operational value. We deliver a range of solutions and services to create mission critical software fit for complex environments.

Mission critical software. Your challenges. Solved together.

Engagements to date:

Through the Cyber Schools Hub, Deep3 has supported a number of educational outreach activities, including:

  • Denmark Road Cyber Day 6th October 2018

  • Beaufort Cyber Day 21st November 2018

  • Newent School Minecraft Lesson Support November 2018

  • Wyedean School Chatbot Lessons

  • Medus Labs - Open-sourced AWS platform following Cyber Schools Hubs work

  • Cyber UK - Python Minecraft lessons to Scottish students

  • Wyedean School - Ethical Hacking LED & Raspberry Pi session - 2nd July

  • July 2019 - Work experience students from Year 10 and 12